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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?

We do not charge any fees to use our website. We may be compensated from certain brokers if we refer them a client but this does not mean that we recommend or endorse any broker.

Can you help me choose a broker?

We simply provide broker reviews based on our own opinion using the information that they provide on their website and from our own experience. We cannot choose a broker for you and will never tell you which broker to use. This is something that you should decide by doing your own research and conducting your own due diligence. Everyone is different with individual requirements and expectations. Under no circumstances will we give you financial advice. Everything on our website is meant for educational purposes only.

I think a broker may have scammed me?

Although there are many legitimate brokers out there, unfortunately there are also scammers you need to be aware of. Some brokers are regulated which can help to give you peace of mind that they can be trusted but this is not always the case. You should read what other clients of a broker have to say about them and check online for any feedback to try and help avoid scam brokers. We have a guide to choose a broker and you can compare brokers to filter those which are regulated.

How can I trust your broker reviews?

Our team have spent thousands of hours researching, analysing, testing and comparing brokers from all over the globe. We believe that we know what to look for in a broker and always try to take an impartial approach to our reviews. However, we understand that everyone is different, with their own needs and expectations. Therefore, the final decision is your own to make.

Do you provide any broker or signal services?

No, we only provide reviews according to our own research. We do not offer any brokerage products or services, nor do we provide trading signals or managed accounts. We will never request or accept fund directly from readers under any circumstances.

Can we pay you for a better review?

No, we do not take payments to improve a review. However, if you have noticed any incorrect or out of date information, you can let us know and we will take a look at it for you.