T4Trade Review

Minimum Deposit: $50 VISIT BROKER
Risk Warning: Our products are traded on margin and carry a high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone, and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved.

T4Trade, established in 2018, is a well-regarded online trading platform, regulated and authorized by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. T4Trade boasts a diverse array of strengths, including a robust offering of over 300 instruments across six asset classes, granting traders unparalleled flexibility.

With competitive spreads starting as low as 0.0 pips, traders benefit from favorable pricing, while the availability of four distinct account types, each with live floating and fixed spreads, ensures that trading experiences are tailored to individual preferences. Notably, T4Trade offers three enticing deposit bonuses, further empowering traders: the 100% Supercharger Bonus, the 40% Takeoff Bonus, and the 20% Welcome Bonus.

Additionally, the recently introduced Academy service provides an extensive repository of educational resources, comprising insightful videos, interactive webinars, and enlightening trading podcasts, which can be invaluable for traders of all levels. With its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art trading software and a seamless CFD-based trading experience, T4Trade caters to the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals. The platform’s flagship MetaTrader 4 offering, characterized by user-friendly customizability and advanced chart functionality, positions T4Trade as the go-to choice for navigating multiple financial markets with confidence and efficiency.

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T4Trade Rating

T4Trade, the broker of choice for traders seeking safety, variety, and expert guidance. Explore a world of forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies with confidence.

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T4Trade Review

Pros and Cons

T4Trade presents a compelling case as a broker worth investing and trading with, offering a range of benefits that cater to the needs of both novice and experienced traders. Let’s explore some of its pros and cons:

  • Flexible Leverage: The platform provides traders with flexible leverage options, going up to 1:1000. This enables traders to manage risk and maximize their potential returns.
  • Competitive Spreads: With spreads starting from as low as 0.0 pips, T4Trade offers competitive pricing, which can significantly reduce trading costs and enhance profitability.
  • Fast Execution: Fast execution is vital in the world of online trading, and T4Trade ensures that trades are executed swiftly, helping traders take advantage of market opportunities in real-time.
  • Convenient Deposits and Withdrawals: The platform prioritizes user convenience with fast and easy deposits and withdrawals, ensuring that traders can manage their funds with ease.
  • Dedicated Customer Care: T4Trade is committed to providing excellent customer support, which is crucial for addressing queries, resolving issues, and ensuring a smooth trading experience.
  • Diverse Range of Markets: Traders can explore over 300 instruments across six asset classes, including Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Futures, and Shares, offering ample opportunities for diversification and profit.
  • Variety of Account Types: T4Trade offers multiple account types, such as Standard, Premium, Privilege, and Cent accounts, to cater to various trading styles and preferences.
  • Deposit Bonuses: The platform sweetens the deal for traders by offering three deposit bonuses: the 100% Supercharger Bonus, the 40% Takeoff Bonus, and the 20% Welcome Bonus, providing extra power at the start of their trading journey.
  • Bonus Restrictions: While the deposit bonuses provide a boost for traders, it’s important to note that these bonuses cannot be withdrawn and are intended solely for trading purposes.
  • Spreads during Volatile Periods: Spreads may widen during more volatile night trading sessions, which can potentially affect trading costs during those times.
  • Commission Charges: T4Trade reserves the right to amend commission charges without prior notice for accounts with base currency other than USD, potentially impacting costs for traders with different currency preferences.
  • No-Trading Fee: T4Trade reserves the right to apply a 3% ‘no trading’ fee when a trader has deposited and requested to withdraw funds without ever entering one trade.

T4Trade Review

Trading Products

T4Trade offers a diverse range of investment opportunities, making it a competitive player in the online trading brokerage industry. Here, we’ll delve into T4Trade’s offerings, compare them to other brokers, highlight its strengths, areas of improvement, and address the availability on various platforms.

Investment Offerings:

T4Trade boasts a comprehensive suite of over 300 CFD instruments across six asset classes, which include:

  1. Forex: This offers exposure to the dynamic foreign exchange market, providing numerous currency pairs for traders to choose from.
  2. Metals: Precious metals like gold and silver serve as traditional safe-haven assets and are available for trading.
  3. Indices: Access to global stock indices allows traders to speculate on broader market trends.
  4. Commodities: T4Trade provides the option to trade in various commodities, such as oil and natural gas, presenting opportunities tied to commodity price movements.
  5. Futures: Futures contracts, linked to diverse underlying assets, offer a way to engage in more complex trading strategies.
  6. Shares: Traders can invest in individual company shares, benefiting from price movements in the equity market.

Comparison with Other Brokers:

T4Trade’s investment offerings are competitive, placing it in line with many other online brokers. Its strengths lie in the wide variety of asset classes and the availability of over 300 instruments, which allows for diversification and provides ample trading opportunities. Additionally, the flexible leverage options (up to 1:1000) can be advantageous for both risk-averse and risk-seeking traders.

However, it’s essential to recognize that while T4Trade’s range of investments is extensive, it may not have as many exotic or niche assets compared to some other specialized brokers. Traders with highly specific investment preferences might find more tailored options elsewhere.

Platform Availability:

T4Trade offers access to its investment portfolio through various platforms, including TradeCopier, T4Trade Mobile Trader App, T4Trade Web Trader App, WebTrader, and MetaTrader 4.

This ensures that T4Trade’s investments are available on both desktop and mobile platforms, making it convenient for traders to access the markets wherever they are.

T4Trade Instruments Summary

T4Trade Instruments

T4Trade Review

Commission and Fees

Commission and Spread Fees

T4Trade’s fee structure is designed to be transparent and trader-friendly. T4Trade does not charge any commission for trading, which is an attractive feature for traders seeking cost-effective trading options. Instead, the primary cost associated with trading on T4Trade is in the form of spreads and overnight fees for holding positions overnight.

Spreads: Spreads refer to the difference between the bid (selling) price and the ask (buying) price of an asset. T4Trade offers competitive spreads, starting from as low as 0.0 pips. These tight spreads can significantly reduce trading costs, making it an appealing choice for traders aiming to maximize their profitability.

Instruments: While T4Trade does not charge commissions, traders will pay spreads on the instruments they trade. T4Trade provides access to a diverse range of over 300 instruments across six asset classes, including Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Futures, and Shares. Spreads are typically associated with these instruments, and the specific spread value can vary based on market conditions, the instrument being traded, and the type of trading account used.

Commission Fees: As mentioned, T4Trade does not charge commission fees for trading. This distinguishes it from some other brokers that may charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the transaction value as a commission.

Comparison with Other Brokers: In terms of commission fees, T4Trade’s fee structure is favorable for traders who prefer not to pay commissions. Many traders find this approach more cost-effective, especially for high-frequency or high-volume trading.

The reasonableness of commission fees largely depends on the trading style and preferences of individual traders. For traders who prioritize tight spreads and prefer not to pay commissions, T4Trade’s model aligns with their needs.

Rebate programs, where traders can earn rebates based on trading volume, can be attractive for high-volume traders. It’s worth noting that it is not explicitly mentioned whether T4Trade offers a rebate program, so it’s advisable for interested traders to contact customer support for specific details on any such programs.

Commission (per standard lot per side)$0
Spreads from0.0
T4Trade Fees

Spread Fees

T4Trade offers a versatile choice of spreads, which can cater to the distinct preferences of both novice and professional traders. Traders can select between fixed spreads and flexible (floating) spreads, each with its own set of advantages and considerations.

Fixed Spreads: Fixed spreads are predetermined and remain constant, irrespective of market conditions. This predictability can be advantageous for traders who prefer stability and want to know the exact cost of their trades beforehand. Fixed spreads can be particularly attractive for beginners who are still learning the ropes of trading, as they offer a clear and consistent cost structure. With fixed spreads, traders don’t need to worry about sudden fluctuations impacting their trading costs.

Flexible (Floating) Spreads: On the other hand, flexible (floating) spreads are subject to market volatility and can fluctuate depending on various factors such as market news and events. These spreads can go higher or lower based on the supply and demand dynamics in the market. While they may introduce a degree of unpredictability, they can also present opportunities for traders. In times of low volatility, floating spreads may be narrower, potentially reducing trading costs. However, during periods of high market volatility, spreads may widen, leading to higher trading costs. Professional traders who are comfortable with market dynamics and can adapt to changing conditions might find flexible spreads to be more suitable for their strategies.

Instruments and Spread Costs: Spread costs apply to the instruments that traders choose to trade on T4Trade. The specific spread value can vary based on the instrument being traded and market conditions. Traders pay spreads on assets such as Forex currency pairs, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Futures, and Shares. The choice of instrument can influence the spread cost, and traders should be aware of the current spread for their selected asset.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

T4Trade’s fee structure is indeed quite competitive, particularly when it comes to funding fees. Here, we will delve into T4Trade’s funding fees and the key points related to depositing and withdrawing funds with the platform:

Deposit Fees: T4Trade does not charge fees for depositing funds into your trading account. This is a significant advantage for traders, as it means that the entire amount they deposit is available for trading. This fee-free deposit policy is especially attractive for traders looking to maximize their initial trading capital.

Withdrawal Fees: T4Trade does not charge any specific withdrawal fees from your trading account. However, it’s essential to be aware that depending on the payment method you use for withdrawals, there may be additional fees imposed by your banks or electronic wallets. These third-party fees are not controlled by T4Trade and will vary based on the financial institution or service you use for the transfer. Traders should check with their chosen payment provider to understand any potential withdrawal fees they may incur.

Inactivity Fees

In the case of no activity, including funding or trading, within one year, the company reserves the right to charge an annual administrative fee of $50 (or currency equivalent). In case the client’s account balance is below $50 (or currency equivalent), the company will charge any remaining balance and archive the client’s account.

T4Trade Review

Platforms and Tools

T4Trade offers a range of investing platforms to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of traders. Here’s an overview of the key features and tools available on each platform:

T4Trade Mobile Trading App:

  • Platform Type: Mobile Trading App
  • Key Features: This mobile trading app is designed to provide traders with a streamlined and user-friendly trading experience on the go.
  • Available Tools: Traders can access more than 300 trading instruments, receive market insights, and perform essential trading functions directly from their mobile devices.
T4Trade Mobile Trading App
T4Trade Mobile Trading App

T4Trade Web Trader App:

  • Platform Type: Web-Based Trading App
  • Key Features: This web trader app offers seamless and convenient trading from any device with an internet browser. It’s compatible with various operating systems.
  • Available Tools: Traders can access their trading accounts via the Client Portal, making it easy to manage positions and place orders with no need to download additional software.
T4Trade Web Trader App
T4Trade Web Trader App

MT4 WebTrader:

  • Platform Type: Web-Based Trading App (MetaTrader 4)
  • Key Features: MT4 WebTrader allows traders to access the popular MetaTrader 4 platform directly from a web browser, eliminating the need for software downloads. It offers a user-friendly trading experience and instant access to various features.
  • Available Tools: Traders can enjoy the full functionality of MetaTrader 4 on WebTrader. This includes one-click operations for opening and closing trades, setting stop-loss and take-profit orders, placing direct orders, and charting. MT4 WebTrader is accessible on both demo and live trading accounts.
MT4 WebTrader
MT4 WebTrader

MetaTrader 4:

  • Platform Type: Downloadable Trading Platform
  • Key Features: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a widely acclaimed trading platform known for its powerful features and flexible trading conditions.
  • Available Tools: MT4 offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including advanced charting, technical indicators, and trading signals that facilitate automated trading. It supports algorithmic trading, mobile trading, and is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The platform is highly customizable and is suitable for traders of all experience levels.
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4

Each of these platforms caters to different trading styles and preferences. T4Trade’s mobile app is ideal for traders who need on-the-go access, the web-based platforms are versatile and convenient, while MetaTrader 4 provides advanced features for those looking to dive deeper into technical analysis and algorithmic trading. Traders can choose the platform that aligns best with their specific trading needs and devices.

T4Trade Platforms Summary

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
MetaTrader 5 (MT5)x
Social Trading
Other x
T4Trade Platforms

T4Trade Review

Research and Education

T4Trade provides a wide range of educational resources and market analysis research to help traders enhance their knowledge and make informed trading decisions. Here are the various educational resources and research tools offered by T4Trade:


  • Type: Live Discussions and Market Analysis
  • Description: LiveTV offers live discussions and insights from T4Trade’s expert team of presenters and research analysts. It allows traders to stay updated on market trends, receive trading tips, and identify trading opportunities through in-depth analysis.

Trading eBooks:

  • Type: Educational eBooks
  • Description: T4Trade’s expertly curated eBooks cover a range of trading topics and provide valuable insights and tips. These eBooks are compiled by the award-winning research team and are designed to guide traders in their trading journey.

Forex Webinars:

  • Type: Educational Webinars
  • Description: Traders can gain access to exclusive forex webinars hosted by T4Trade’s experts. These webinars offer valuable trading insights and provide an opportunity to enhance trading strategies.

Forex Podcasts:

  • Type: Educational Podcasts
  • Description: T4Trade’s forex podcasts are designed to improve traders’ knowledge and sharpen their skills. Listening to these podcasts can provide valuable insights into the world of trading.

Video on Demand:

  • Type: Educational Videos
  • Description: T4Trade’s library of informative videos covers a wide range of topics, offering trading tips and exclusive market insights. These videos are suitable for both beginner and experienced traders.

Economic Calendar:

  • Type: Financial Calendar
  • Description: T4Trade’s economic calendar provides real-time information about current and future financial activities and indicators. It covers global economic news events and key market-moving indicators, helping traders make informed trading decisions. This includes data on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Industrial Production Index (IPI), Consumer Price Indices (CPI), and more.

Trading Blog:

  • Type: Blog
  • Description: T4Trade maintains a trading blog that features a variety of articles on topics such as commodities, forex, trading guides, indices, metals, and stocks. These blog posts serve as valuable educational resources for traders looking to expand their knowledge.

T4Trade’s commitment to providing a wealth of educational resources and market analysis research is evident. These tools empower traders with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the financial markets. Whether traders are seeking to improve their trading skills, stay updated on market events, or expand their trading strategies, T4Trade offers a comprehensive suite of resources to meet their needs.

T4Trade Research and Education Summary

Market Analysis
Trading Centralx
Economic Calendar
T4Trade Resources

T4Trade Review

Deposit and Withdrawal

T4Trade provides a variety of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Here, we’ll discuss these options, their suitability, and how they compare to other brokers:

Deposit Options:

  1. Credit/Debit Cards: Credit and debit card deposits are commonly used and offer convenience for traders. They are typically quick and reliable, allowing funds to be available for trading almost immediately. However, they may be subject to card issuer fees.
  2. E-wallets: E-wallet options offer flexibility and are widely accepted. They are often considered a flexible, reliable and quick method for transferring funds. However, traders should be aware of potential e-wallet transaction fees.
  3. Bank Transfer: Bank transfers are a traditional method for depositing funds. While they are generally reliable, they can be slower compared to e-wallets or card payments, often taking a few business days to complete. They may also incur bank-related charges.

Withdrawal Options:

It’s essential to note that the same payment method used for deposits must also be used for withdrawals. This is a common practice to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and is in line with industry standards.

Comparison with Other Brokers:

T4Trade’s deposit and withdrawal options align with the offerings of many other brokers in the industry. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are common choices among brokers.

The speed and reliability of these methods can be influenced by various factors, including the efficiency of the broker’s processing system and the user’s specific financial institutions. Generally, e-wallets tend to offer quicker transactions compared to bank transfers. Fees associated with these methods can vary, so it’s essential for traders to be aware of the cost implications.

Overall, the availability of these deposit and withdrawal methods on T4Trade provides traders with flexibility in choosing options that best suit their preferences, whether they prioritize speed, cost-effectiveness, or the use of digital assets. The time it takes to process withdrawals can depend on the chosen method and other factors, and traders should consider their individual needs and circumstances when selecting the most suitable option for their transactions.

T4Trade Funding Summary

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawal
Wire Transfer
Credit/debit Card
Electronic Wallets
T4Trade Funding Options

T4Trade Review

Regulation and Safety

T4Trade is a trade name of Tradeco Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) with license number SD029. Additionally, the T4Trade group includes Damadah Holding Limited, which is based in Cyprus.

Regulation and Its Implications for Investors:

Regulation is a crucial aspect of the online trading industry as it serves to protect the interests of investors and ensure the integrity of financial markets. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the regulation associated with brokers like T4Trade:


  1. Investor Protection: Regulation, especially by reputable authorities like the Seychelles FSA, is designed to protect investors. It ensures that brokers adhere to strict standards and ethical guidelines, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and safeguarding traders’ funds.
  2. Transparency: Regulated brokers are required to operate transparently, providing clear and accurate information about their services, fees, and risks. This transparency gives investors peace of mind and helps them make informed decisions.
  3. Compliance: Regulated brokers must comply with established rules and regulations, promoting fair and ethical conduct in their operations. This fosters trust between the broker and its clients.
  4. Segregation of Funds: Regulated brokers are often required to segregate client funds from their operational accounts. In the event of the broker’s insolvency, this separation helps ensure that clients’ funds are protected.


  1. Restrictions: Some regulations may impose restrictions on trading conditions or available products. For example, leverage limits can affect the trading strategies of investors who prefer high leverage.
  2. Costs: Compliance with regulatory requirements can be costly for brokers, which may lead to slightly higher trading costs for clients.
  3. Jurisdiction Limitations: Regulatory frameworks vary by jurisdiction, and in some cases, brokers may not be able to offer their services to residents of certain countries due to regulatory restrictions.

In the case of T4Trade, its regulation by the Seychelles FSA is a positive aspect, as it signifies adherence to recognized standards in the industry. This regulation ensures that T4Trade operates in a transparent and compliant manner. Investors can have confidence that their funds are protected and that the broker is subject to oversight to prevent malpractice.

While some investors might find certain regulatory restrictions, such as lower leverage limits, as a disadvantage, these restrictions are often implemented to protect traders from excessive risk. Overall, the advantages of trading with a regulated broker like T4Trade typically outweigh the potential disadvantages, especially for investors who prioritize safety, transparency, and ethical conduct in their trading activities.

T4Trade Regulation Summary

ASIC (Australia)x
IIROC (Canada)x
CySEC (Cyprus)x
SFC (Hong Kong)x
JFSA (Japan)x
MAS (Singapore)x
FINMA (Switzerland)x
Seychelles FSA
T4Trade Regulators

T4Trade Safety

T4Trade provides several features and aspects that contribute to its safety and reliability as a trading platform. Here are some key reasons why T4Trade is considered safe:

  1. Regulation: T4Trade, operating under Tradeco Limited, is authorized and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) with license number SD029. Regulation by a recognized authority is a critical indicator of a broker’s commitment to transparency and accountability. The FSA sets and enforces strict standards that T4Trade must adhere to, which includes segregating client funds and maintaining operational transparency.
  2. Segregation of Funds: Regulated brokers are often required to segregate client funds from their own operational funds. This means that clients’ deposits are kept in separate accounts, reducing the risk of misappropriation and ensuring that the funds are available for withdrawal or trading.
  3. Transparency: T4Trade provides clear and comprehensive information about its services, trading conditions, and fees. This transparency is essential for investors, as it enables them to make informed decisions and understand the risks associated with trading.
  4. Data Security: T4Trade employs advanced security measures to protect the personal and financial information of its clients. This includes encryption technologies and secure data storage practices to guard against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  5. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Procedures: T4Trade typically implements AML and KYC procedures to verify the identity of its clients and ensure that they are in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. These measures help prevent illicit activities on the platform.
  6. Risk Warnings: T4Trade provides clear risk warnings to inform clients about the high-risk nature of trading. They emphasize the possibility of losing all invested capital, making it clear that trading may not be suitable for everyone.
  7. Compliance: As a regulated broker, T4Trade is required to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Seychelles FSA. This compliance extends to all aspects of their operations, from trading conditions to client fund handling.
  8. Customer Support: T4Trade offers dedicated customer support to assist clients with their inquiries and concerns. This responsive customer service contributes to the overall safety and trustworthiness of the platform.
  9. Educational Resources: T4Trade provides educational resources to help traders make informed decisions. An educated trader is less likely to make impulsive and risky choices.

While no trading platform is entirely risk-free, T4Trade’s commitment to regulation, transparency, and client protection contributes to its reputation as a safe and reliable choice for traders. It is crucial for traders to conduct their own due diligence and risk assessment when considering any broker, but the regulatory oversight and security measures in place at T4Trade are notable factors that enhance the platform’s safety for investors.

T4Trade Review

Client Support

T4Trade takes client support seriously and offers a robust support system to assist traders with their inquiries and concerns. Here’s an overview of T4Trade’s client support:

1. Multilingual Support: T4Trade is committed to providing efficient and multilingual support to meet the diverse needs of its clients. They take pride in offering native customer support in over 30 languages. This ensures that clients can communicate in their preferred language, making it easier to address their questions and issues effectively.

2. Availability: T4Trade understands that trading is a demanding endeavor that operates around the clock. As a result, they strive to be available for their clients 24/5, reflecting the extended trading hours in the global financial markets. This availability ensures that clients can receive assistance when they need it, whether it’s during standard trading hours or outside of them.

3. Email Support: T4Trade offers email support as one of the contact options. Clients can reach out to the support team via email to seek assistance, clarify doubts, or resolve any issues. Email support provides a written record of communication, which can be beneficial for documentation and tracking.

4. Live Chat Support: In addition to email support, T4Trade offers live chat support. Live chat is a real-time communication channel that enables clients to engage with support representatives and receive immediate responses to their questions. It’s a convenient and efficient way to address queries and obtain assistance.

5. Client-Centric Approach: T4Trade’s commitment to providing an unparalleled level of support reflects their client-centric approach. They aim to meet and surpass their clients’ expectations by offering prompt, informative, and helpful answers to all queries. This approach ensures that clients receive the support they need to navigate the complexities of online trading effectively.

T4Trade’s comprehensive client support system is designed to provide traders with the assistance and information required for a successful trading experience. Whether clients have questions about the platform, trading conditions, or specific trading strategies, T4Trade’s support team is ready and available to help, offering a responsive and multilingual service that aims to enhance the overall trading journey for all clients.

T4Trade Review


T4Trade is a well-established online trading platform that offers a compelling range of features and benefits to traders. With its robust regulation by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, diverse account options, flexible spreads, and an array of educational resources, it stands out as a competitive choice in the trading industry.

Compared to other brokers reviewed, T4Trade holds a strong position, particularly due to its commitment to regulatory compliance, transparency, and security. The platform’s multilingual support and diverse deposit and withdrawal options further contribute to its appeal. However, it’s essential to note the regulatory limitations that may restrict access for certain traders based on their location.

In conclusion, T4Trade ranks favorably among its peers, offering traders a reliable and safe environment to access a wide range of financial markets with confidence. Its combination of regulatory oversight, educational resources, and flexible trading conditions make it a compelling choice for those seeking to engage in online trading.

Everything that you find on InvestingBrokers.com is based on information and data that is readily available from each broker that we have reviewed. We combine our 15+ years of industry experience with research, analysis and user feedback. This enables us to give an impartial and reliable broker rating. You can read more about our broker review process here.

T4Trade Review


When was T4Trade founded?

Based on the web search results, T4Trade was founded on Mar 28, 2018.

Where is T4Trade located?

T4Trade is located in the Seychelles.

Is T4Trade regulated?

Yes, T4Trade is authorised and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority with licence number SD029.

What trading instruments does T4Trade offer?

T4Trade offers access to various trading instruments, including Forex, Metals, Futures, Commodities, Shares, and Indices.

What is the T4Trade minimum deposit?

According to the Company Fact Sheet, T4Trade’s minimum deposit is $50.

What trading platforms does T4Trade offer?

T4Trade offers a range of trading platforms to its users. The platforms include: 1. MetaTrader 4: This is a widely used trading platform that is available for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It is customizable and comes with advanced chart functionality and trading tools. It is suitable for both beginner and professional traders. 2. MT4 Webtrader: This platform is accessible without any downloads or installations. It allows traders to trade on the go and from anywhere in the world. 3. T4Trade Mobile Trading App: This app is available for Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. It allows traders to trade easily from any device. 4. T4Trade Web Trader App: This platform is accessible via the Client Portal. It allows traders to trade on the go and from anywhere in the world. 5. TradeCopier: This platform allows traders to unlock their trading potential by copying trades from other successful traders.

What is the T4Trade commission fee?

T4Trade offers a commission-free trading feature.

Does T4Trade charge an inactivity fee?

Yes, according to the Client Services Agreement.

What are T4Trade’s spreads?

T4Trade offers both fixed and floating spreads. The former are predetermined and are not impacted by market conditions, while the latter can fluctuate unexpectedly depending on market volatility.

What funding options does T4Trade offer?

T4Trade accepts the following payment methods for deposits and withdrawals: Credit / Debit cards, e-wallets and Bank Transfer.

Does T4Trade offer demo trading?

Yes, T4Trade offers demo trading.

Does T4Trade offer Islamic accounts?

T4Trade offers Islamic accounts.

How do I contact T4Trade customer support?

You can contact T4Trade’s customer support team by sending an email to support@t4trade.com. They are available to provide you with an unparalleled level of support for any query. You can also reach out to them via phone. Additionally, you can start a live chat in case of any questions regarding the account opening process.
T4Trade Review
T4Trade Review
Minimum Deposit: $50
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