Trading 212 Review

Minimum Deposit: $1 VISIT BROKER
Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Trading 212 is a multi-regulated broker with many years of expertise, offering a diverse choice of assets to traders worldwide with fast trade execution and low trading costs with in-house web and mobile trading platforms.

Trading 212 Review


Trading 212 is a fintech company that democratises financial markets by providing free, smart, and simple-to-use apps that allow anybody to trade stocks, ETFs, Forex, commodities, and more. The broker was founded in 2006 and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus, and the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) in Bulgaria. All client monies are maintained separately in segregated bank accounts for your protection and in accordance with the laws and are insured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF) Bulgaria. In the unusual case of a default, the FSCS and ICF will compensate up to a certain limit. If one of the firms fails to meet its clients’ obligations due to financial difficulties, each client should be paid compensation.

Trading 212 includes a wide range of trading instruments, including CFDs, forex, stock, indices, and real stocks/ETFs. The broker has its own in-house web trading platform and is available in quite a few languages and accessible through mobile. They provide you with some excellent charting tools as well as fundamental data to help you get the most out of your trades. There are plenty of guides and video tutorials on how to utilise trading platforms and the basics of investing online, which is an advantage for beginners, as is the demo account option.

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Trading 212 Rating

Trading 212 is a multi-regulated broker with years of experience, offering traders around the globe a diverse choice of assets with fast execution speeds, low trading fees, commission free investing and user-friendly trading platforms.

Trading Products
Commissions and Fees
Platforms and Tools
Research and Education
Deposit and Withdrawal

Trading 212 Review

Pros and Cons

Trading 212 has a lot to offer prospective clients. The key advantage is commission-free trading across a wide variety of asset classes. These small costs, especially for regular users, may soon mount up and cut into already tight margins. It’s an attractive option for individuals trying to join the market for the first time. Another significant advantage is the Trading 212 mobile app’s simplicity of use. It is free to download, simple to use, and has a rich layer of functionality that eliminates most of the complexities involved with trading assets without compromising features. Finally, the variety of instructional materials accessible is a major draw for anyone wishing to learn more about financial markets.

For professional clients, leverage is lower than many other online brokers, with several rivals providing tighter spreads. More seasoned investors may choose the more widely utilised MetaTrader platforms over the Trading 212 app. Integration with both MetaTrader platforms is still lacking at this point. The emphasis on mobile may be off-putting to frequent users since many prefer to utilise a terminal, generally with multiple screens, for more complex analysis. Finally, some prospective users may not appreciate Trading 212’s simplicity: they may seek trading platforms that place a more considerable emphasis on managed services, automated trading, or the possibility to copy the trades of successful users.

Let’s highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Trading 212.

  • Demo accounts
  • Trading platform tutorials
  • Educational videos
  • User Friendly
  • Goode Research Function
  • Price Alerts
  • Interactive Charts
  • Data on Asset Fundamentals
  • 24/7 Support
  • Live Chat
  • Zero Commission
  • Large Choice of Assets
  • Minimum Deposit of £1
  • Experience of over 15+ years
  • Regulated by FCA and FSC
  • Community forum
  • Besides sentiment data, research in the web platform is limited to snippet-like updates
  • Trading 212 has few written articles for education
  • MetaTrader is not available
  • No Mutual Funds Available
  • No Cryptocurrencies
  • No Islamic accounts

Trading 212 Review

Trading Products

Trading 212 offers an excellent range of over 10,000 global Stocks and ETFs. In all, Trading 212 includes a wide range of trading instruments, including CFDs, forex, stock, indices, and real stocks/ETFs. At the same time, a few other asset classes like cryptocurrencies, bonds, and options are missing. If you are looking to trade cryptos then you might want to take a look at our best crypto brokers instead.

Trading 212 Instruments Summary

InstrumentsTrading 212
Trading 212 Instruments

Trading 212 Review

Commission and Fees

Commission and Spread Fees

Trading 212 provides an edge to the traders in their spreads, fees, and commission sections. Unlike other brokers, the fees and commissions are relatively low. Trading 212 is regarded as a zero commission broker. Trading 212 charges zero commission. However, they charge competitive market spreads starting from the 0.2 pips on CFD Accounts. Spreads are not applicable on the rest of the accounts, like Invest Account and ISA Account.

  • Trading 212 does not charge zero commission on CFD Accounts.
  • Trading 212 Invest account is free of commission and fees on trades.
  • Trading 212 ISA account is free of commission and trades but available to UK citizens only.
FeeCFD AccountInvest AccountISA Account
Commission (per standard lot per side)$0$0$0
Spreads from0.2N/AN/A
Trading 212 Fees

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Trading 212 accepts various payment options but makes transactions simple for its clients by not imposing a deposit or withdrawal charge. However, before proceeding with a transaction, you should verify with your service provider to see any transaction fees.

Inactivity Fees

It is an additional privilege to the clients as Trading 212 does not charge any inactivity fees and withdrawal fees.

Trading 212 Review

Platforms and Tools

Trading 212 offers in-house developed Trading Web and Mobile Trading platforms. Unfortunately, they have not provided MetaTrader platforms for their users to date. That being said, I quite like the simplicity of the Trading 212 platform and think it has more than enough capabilities to meet the needs of most retail traders. However, if you are looking for more powerful features and functionalities, then IG have some excellent professional trading platforms.

Trading 212 Platforms
Trading 212 Platforms

Trading 212 Web Trading Platform

Trading 212’s web trading platform is well-designed and easy to use. Even if you have little trading expertise, you will find it incredibly easy to use. One disadvantage is that the platform lacks customisation. Trading 212 allows for two-step authentication while logging in. You may configure it using a third-party authenticator programme like Google Authenticator.

Its search features are compelling. You may search for products by putting their names into the search bar or browsing pre-defined categories such as stocks or indexes. Different order types and order time limitations are available in CFD and Invest accounts. A trade ticket will be shown if you click to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ an asset. This is highly handy since it displays key order data of UK real stocks.

On the platform, you may configure price alerts. Choose the asset and click the ‘Alert’ button to get started. Trading 212 provides detailed portfolio and fee reports. You may get to them by clicking your username and then choosing ‘Report.’ You may see your profit/loss statement, interest (swap points) charged or received, and cash balance, among other things. You couldn’t, however, discover a method to export these reports.

  • Available in various languages (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Chinese)
  • Different order Types and limits (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, OCO)
  • Alerts and Notifications
Trading 212 Web Platform
Trading 212 Web Platform

Trading 212 Mobile Trading Platform

The mobile trading platform of Trading 212 is user-friendly and well-designed, with excellent search, alert, and order functions. Trading 212 has a mobile platform for both Android and iOS. It supports the same languages as the web trading platform. The Trading 212 mobile trading platform is simple to use and attractively designed. When you use the trading app, you can get an enjoyable experience without the unnecessary complications of some other platforms.

Trading 212 App
Trading 212 App

Trading 212 provides two-factor authentication. Touch ID and other biometric authentication technologies are also available. There are search functions on the Trading 212 mobile platform that operate similarly to those on the web trading platform. You’ll be able to locate any asset quickly and easily. The same order types and time constraints as on the web trading platform are available. Price alerts and notifications are offered by push notifications only, not SMS or email.

Trading 212 Platforms Summary

PlatformTrading 212
MetaTrader 4 (MT4)x
MetaTrader 5 (MT5)x
Social Tradingx
Trading 212 Platforms

Trading 212 Review

Research and Education

Trading 212 offers a wide range of free instructional resources for rookie and expert traders. These training materials are intended to help you enhance your trading abilities and financial market understanding.

Trading 212 has excellent charting tools and fundamental data, but no news feed or trading ideas are available. Research tools are available on both the web and mobile trading platforms. They are provided in the same languages as the trading platforms.

Trading 212 does not offer trading ideas. You may, however, use a pattern recognition tool on charts. These patterns may provide insight into whether the price will rise or fall. Trading 212 offers comprehensive fundamental data, such as previous financial statements and financial ratios. One of Trading 212’s trading systems’ strengths is charting. Almost all critical technical analysis studies are provided, along with about 50 technical indicators to aid in your trading choices.

Trading 212 does not have a news feed; however, it offers an economic calendar. It’s convenient to view the most significant events in one location, and it’s even better to filter events by effect or impacted currency pairings. Trading 212 has a “Filter” tool that allows you to filter stocks depending on stock prices.

Trading 212 offers tutorial videos and articles about the trading platforms and the basics of trading, a great feature for beginners. The only thing missing is webinars, which you can get through FXTM.


The news section is updated throughout the day. However, it is often restricted to one to two words and serves as a headline aggregation service.

Economic Calendar

Trading 212’s economic calendar is similar to those seen in many online stores, and it provides a good summary of economic reports and their predicted effect. The navigation is easy, and the overall layout is tidy.

YouTube Videos

Trading 212 YouTube Videos
Trading 212 YouTube Videos

Community Forum

Trading 212 provides a community for its members to share information and knowledge. If you have any queries, you can raise them to the community, and someone who knows the answer will respond to you.

Trading 212 Research and Education Summary

ResourcesTrading 212
Market Analysis
Trading Centralx
Economic Calendar
Trading 212 Resources

Trading 212 Review

Deposit and Withdrawal

Trading 212 provides various payment options. Users can use bank transfers and Debit/Credit Cards to deposit and withdraw their funds. You can also choose from a fantastic choice of e-wallets for quick and easy funding. With so many payment methods, the broker puts the cherry on top by not charging any transaction fee from its clients. I do think they could improve by adding support for crypto payments. If this is something you are looking for then Axi are worth considering.

Trading 212 Funding Summary

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawal
Wire Transfer
Credit/debit Card
Electronic Wallets
Trading 212 Funding Options

Trading 212 Review

Regulation and Safety

Trading 212 is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus, and the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) in Bulgaria. For your safety and in line with the regulations, all client funds are kept separate in segregated bank accounts and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF) Bulgaria. In the unlikely event of a default, the FSCS and ICF will compensate up to a specified limit.

Trading 212 Regulation Summary

RegulatorTrading 212
ASIC (Australia)x
IIROC (Canada)x
CySEC (Cyprus)
SFC (Hong Kong)x
JFSA (Japan)x
MAS (Singapore)x
FINMA (Switzerland)x
Other (FSC, FSCS, ICF)
Trading 212 Regulators

Trading 212 Safety

Trading 212 is a top-tier FCA-regulated broker that offers negative balance protection. However, it is not a public company; therefore, there is no financial information available about the company. In addition, the company does not hold a banking licence.

All client funds are maintained separately in segregated bank accounts for protection and in accordance with rules protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF), and the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF) Bulgaria. In the uncommon case of a default, the FSCS compensation is up to GBP 85,000, while ICF Cyprus and Bulgaria compensation are up to 90% of the client’s money (The percentage and amount are subject to change). If one of the firms fails to meet its clients’ obligations due to financial difficulties, each client can be paid accordingly.

Trading 212 Review

Client Support

Overall, Trading 212 provides adequate customer assistance, with its friendly employees providing quick, transparent, and relevant information. However, there is no phone help. When you contact Trading 212 by email or live chat, you will get timely, relevant, and simple responses. To access email support, you must first complete a form on Trading 212’s website. You choose the subject of your inquiry, and you will get multiple suggested articles from the FAQ area, possibly avoiding the need to contact customer support.

Trading 212 Review


Trading 212 is mainly a CFD broker regulated by multiple financial regulatory agencies. On the bright side, Trading 212 provides commission-free stocks and ETFs, as well as cheap CFD and non-trading costs. The account opening procedure is simple, and the trading platforms are simple to use. Trading 212, on the other hand, offers a restricted product portfolio, missing some popular asset types like bonds, options and cryptos. The forex costs were quite hefty, and USD was not accepted as an account currency, with a beautifully designed custom mobile app, commission-free trading, a straightforward account structure, and a slew of extra instructional tools. Trading 212 provides excellent customer service as well as easy support withdrawal. All of this makes it an excellent alternative for would-be investors to investigate. Trading 212 is a perfect option for individuals investing in equities or trading leveraged CFD products on a superb trading platform. New investors don’t have to be afraid to give it a go since it has a free demo account option.

Everything that you find on is based on information and data that is readily available from each broker that we have reviewed. We combine our 15+ years of industry experience with research, analysis and user feedback. This enables us to give an impartial and reliable broker rating. You can read more about our broker review process here.

Trading 212 Review


When was Trading 212 founded?

Trading 212 was founded in 2006.

Where is Trading 212 located?

Trading 212 is located in Bulgaria.

Is Trading 212 regulated?

Trading 212 is authorised and regulated by CySEC, FCA, FSC, FSCS, and ICF.

What trading instruments does Trading 212 offer?

Trading 212 includes a wide range of trading instruments, including CFDs, forex, stock, indices, and real stocks/ETFs.

What is Trading 212 minimum deposit?

Trading 212 requires a minimum deposit of $1.

What trading platforms does Trading 212 offer?

Trading 212 offers in-house Web and Mobile platforms.

What is Trading 212 commission fee?

Trading 212 offers commission-free investing accounts.

Does Trading 212 charge an inactivity fee?

Trading 212 does not charge an inactivity fee.

What are Trading 212 spreads?

Trading 212 spreads start from 0.2 pips, depending on the instrument.

What funding options does Trading 212 offer?

Trading 212 offers bank transfer and debit/credit cards

Does Trading 212 offer demo trading?

Yes, Trading 212 offers demo trading.

Does Trading 212 offer Islamic accounts?

No, Trading 212 does not offer Swap-free Islamic accounts.

How do I contact Trading 212 customer support?

Trading 212’s customer support can be contacted 24/7 via live chat and email
Trading 212 Review
Trading 212 Review
Minimum Deposit: $1
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